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Aviation from the perspective of experts

"Telling the truth is painful. Being forced to lie is much worse."

We uncover the secrets of the aviation industry. We share our own experiences and broad knowledge. We comment on events and their impact on all market participants. We seek interesting facts. Aviation is a highly fascinating sector of the economy. The competition between the ground and the sky continues. The technological race will be a thrilling spectacle in the coming years, especially in terms of the expected shift towards digital technology development and environmental protection. Where does the money in aviation come from, who does it go to, and should it go there - these are the questions we will strive to answer. This is a place about what's happening in aviation. Objectively, through the eyes of industry experts. We intend to grow and speak about what others don't want or can't talk about. Our publications appear every two weeks. The portal is created by practitioners, experts in safety, training, projects, and change. Individuals managing hundreds of employees.


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